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Chubby Cups® Quick Release Phone Holder 3 Axis w Button Release


  1. Quick Release clamp with 16 geared positions – Fits 5/8” to 2” bars.
  2. Stainless steel hardware.
  3. 90 Degree geared elbow – 16 positions.
  4. 17.1mm Axis ball.
  5. Silicone security band (2).
  6. Collet nut and clip already attached to phone holder.
  7. Adjustable phone holder with manual height adjustment.
  8. Allen wrench.


Assembly Instructions

Attach and adjust clamp and elbow to handlebars for the angle you desire.

  1. Attach silicone security band with long side up over the clip.
  2. Slide Collet Nut over ball.
  3. Snap ball into clip.
  4. Tighten Collet nut – do not overtighten.
  5. Press side button to open the holder.
  6. Place phone in holder.
  7. Squeeze arms to secure phone.
  8. Stretch silicone band over each side of phone starting at the bottom of the band.
  9. Make sure all is secure.
  10. Use Allen wrench to adjust elbow.

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